Great Golfers Practice These Habits

Whether a beginner is looking for good starting tips or an experienced golfer is hoping to fine-tune their game, these habits can help golfers of any level develop better technique.


The Power of Walking 

Some seasoned golfers prefer walking the golf course as opposed to riding in a golf cart. This practice is not only a great source of exercise, but it also provides golfers with a sense of meditative calm. Walking can calm the mind and allow golfers to focus more clearly on the game. Additionally, walking the course can give golfers a better sense of the course’s finer details, giving them a competitive edge.


Pre- and Post-Shot Routines

Just like basketball players practice a free throw routine, golfers have pre- and post-shot routines. This routine can create an atmosphere of profound focus and comfort, especially before a critical shot. Like walking, these repeatable actions are meditative and force golfers to zero in on the moment at hand.


Focus on the Fundamentals

Great golfers never stop practicing the basics. Habitual practice of even simplest things, like grip, body positioning, and posturing, should be a priority for every golfer. It might even be beneficial to assess these fundamentals with another golfer. Stand-out athletes in every sport work on the fundamentals even when they reach expert-level play.


Perfecting a Putting Stroke

This is a habit every golfer must develop. Sinking a good putt is integral to a strong golf game. A reliable putt is based on proper estimation and habitual swings. After estimating for the necessary speed and angle, golfers will make a putt they have made thousands of times in practice. This habit is part of practicing the fundamentals, and comes in handy for golfers of all experience levels.


Getting in the Right Mindset

Golf requires a clear mind. Many of these suggested habits aim to get golfers in a state of increased focus. Perhaps some golfers benefit from walking the course or creating pre- and post-shot routines. Still others might need to use visualization techniques, breathing practices, or any other method of relaxation that could clear the mind and increase performance.